Company Sells Used Tissues To Ward Off Cold And Flu

January 22, 2019

Chances are you or someone you know has encountered a cold or flu this year.  While the CDC says everyone can benefit from flu shot to protect against catching it or suffering from it much less, there's one tissue company that is taking a different approach.  Vaev Tissue sells tissues, but unlike their competition, they sell one tissue per box and that tissue has been used by someone who are not feeling well!  Yes, it is a used tissue and used by someone who is sick!  The theory, according to the company, is similar to a chicken pox party in that exposing healthy people to cold and flu germs will build up the immune system to better protect; although the method has no FDA, doctor or medical professional approval. The process is for a person who is sick to sneeze into a tissue, which is packaged for sale as a wellness product.  The company says they have a rotation of people to insure different strands of germs are included. The tissue box comes with instructions on how to use them. After removing the seal from the plastic container and washing your hands (ironic), remove a tissue from the package and wipe your nose on both nostrils and placing the tissue back into its container. If that doesn't creep you out, Vaev Tissues sell for $79.99 and are sold out.  In fact, they've been sold out for quite a long time as company spokespeople say their all-natural method of fighting a cold and flu is not clouded by murky science. However one doctor states that the science behind these tissues is flawed. While antibodies may be what protect us from getting sick, breathing old ones in from a tissue doesn't really mean that we'll become bug-proof. Besides being unsanitary, those in the medical profession recommend opting for a flu shot instead of buying a used tissue for wellbeing.


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