Cutting Out One Portion Of Red Meat Can Extend Your Life By Nearly 20 Per Cent

June 18, 2019

Cutting down on red meat and replacing it with fish or chicken could add years to your life, a major study on more than 81,000 people over 8 years. Swapping just one portion of beef a day for a fillet of fish cuts the risk of dying over the next eight years by 17%! Replacing it with skinless chicken or vegetables slashes the risk by 10%, eggs by 8% and wholegrains by 12%. Cutting out processed meat has even greater benefits, the research team found. Replacing two slices of bacon, a single sausage or a daily ham sandwich with fish reduces mortality by 25%, with chicken by 17% and vegetables by 18%.  Those who dropped their intake of meat and instead upped their consumption of leaner protein such as chicken, fish or eggs saw their risk of death fall. Study leader Professor Frank Hu said the study suggested a ‘Mediterranean’ diet which focuses on fish, beans and vegetables is probably the best way of extending life. The study recommends that people eat no more than three portions of red meat a week, as this provides a balance between the advantages of red meat as a source of essential nutrients and the disadvantages. And to eat little to no processed meat, such as bacon, at all.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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