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Free Up Space In The Refrigerator With Chopsticks

February 28, 2019

Real estate inside the refrigerator can be hard to claim. From takeout containers to leftovers, you can quickly run out of room, especially during a party and the holidays.  However a simple hack involving chopsticks can virtually double your space.  While many containers have lids which allow you to stack them to save space, there are containers that have no lids.  This is where you need to head over to the utensil drawer and find those chopsticks you never used from the Chinese food restaurant. Break a set apart and rest each chopstick over the lip of lidless bowl or plate so that the chopsticks create a bridge over the container.  Now you can stack another item on top. Use two sets of chopsticks to hold larger lidless dishes and save them to use the next time space is limited in your refrigerator.

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SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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