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A Cat Proof Christmas Tree

December 3, 2018

the shiny ornaments is just too much for some, causing cat owners to constantly pick up fallen trees and move ornaments "upon the highest bough," until now.  Online retailer, Argos, are selling two versions of a cat proof Christmas tree. Each one stands six-feet tall and only contains branches and leaves on the top half of the tree. The lush-ish green option is simply a garland-lined pole with evergreen branches in the traditional triangle top of a full tree.  The Snowy half is flocked with fake snow with a wood base. The general idea is that the lack of bottom branches will keep your pets and small children from destroying your ornaments or ingesting anything dangerous. Sadly, Argo will only be shipping its orders within the United Kingdom this holiday season, but there may be a version available if the US if the demand is there.

SOURCE: Mashable

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