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Don't Touch These When Visiting Somebody Else's House

November 26, 2018

With your social calendar filling up with holiday parties, an etiquette experts offers some advice on what to avoid touching when visiting somebody else's house that you may not be close to or know personally to prevent the embarrassment of participating in a faux pas. The fridge and everything in it are off limits, unless your host invites you to crack open the door.  Keep your digits off the thermostat. That goes for the fan too. You can politely mention if you're warm or chilly, but don't take the temperature of the room into your own hands without asking first. Stay off the computer. C'mon you have a smartphone and as comfortable as it may be, avoid asking for the WiFi password unless the host offers it. Keep your mitts of the remote for the TV and stereo. As with all pet, ask before you reach down to pet them. You never know their temperaments, or if they have places they don't like to be touched. As type-A as you may be keep your hands off the toilet paper roll. Unless you are tearing a piece to use, don't switch it from under to over and vice versa. While in the bathroom, stay out of the medicine cabinet. Unless there's an urgent bathroom emergency that desperately requires a q-tip, steer clear.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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