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Amazon Feature Makes Sure All Your Packages Arrive At The Same Time

March 1, 2019

You've done a bit of shopping online and now you have several packages on their way to your home.  Some fall under Amazon's two day shipping while others will arrive in a few days. While the app and text notification aren't always in sync with real time data and the rash of porch pirates raiding deliveries, it would be nice to know exactly when a package will be delivered. Well now you can as Amazon announced a new feature called “Amazon Day,” that will allow Prime users to select an exact date to receive their orders. When you place orders using Amazon Day, it will hold everything you want that week and deliver all orders together on your designated day. According to Amazon, it will allow more of your orders to arrive on the same day, rather than be separated, allowing for more efficient delivery. This doesn’t mean they’ll arrive quicker, just more predictably. When you’re checking out, just select the “Amazon Day” option and the day you want. Throughout a given week, you can continue to select Amazon Day for any orders up to two days of your scheduled delivery day.  The cool thing is that you can still order items separate from your bulk packages if needed for faster delivery.  For Amazon it means less packaging with the test run the company said it saved tens of thousands of boxes. However the new system isn't offer exact time for delivery but you can expect to get all your goods at the same time and in one delivery.

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