Wet Nose Wednesday 3.15.17

Adopt Blue

March 13, 2017

We are very excited to begin our Wet Nose Wednesday partnership with VOCAL, Voices Of Change Animal League, of Marion County!  VOCAL is focused on solving the homeless pet problem and making Marion County a No-Kill community. They are doing this by focusing on spay & neuter, education and adoption. VOCAL is a network partner with Best Friends as well as with the Humane Alliance, a program of the national ASPCA. The animals’ part of their foster and adoption program are all from Marion County. While adoption is an important part of the No-Kill equation, the cornerstone and most fundamental component is prevention. VOCAL’s number one initiative is to open a Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic off of 60th Avenue in Ocala, FL. We look forward to sharing the progress of VOCAL's mission with you and hope you too can help this charity better our community.


98.5 KTK welcomes you to our Wet Nose Wednesday web page!  Here is where we plan to match adoptable pets with their forever homes!

It is with great please that we introduce you to, Blue!

He was so scared. The world can seem so large when you are alone.  On the railroad tracks of Marion County Florida, Blue found himself without a friend. And oh, the hunger. Blue felt this as well; the deep seated, pain in your stomach, kind of hunger. His ribs showed through his skin. The bones in his head protruded from malnourishment. He wandered the area looking for food or a kind soul to help him. This was Blue’s story when VOCAL met him.  Luckily, this is just the beginning of his story.

After the fleas were washed away, and his tummy was filled, Blue realized how much he loved people, and how much people loved him. Everyone he has met, is a soon to be new friend. Blue never wanted to be alone again, and now he is looking forward to finding his very own person. Blue has been with us for over a year now. He is a puppy at heart.  He loves to play ball, and just loves toys in general. He gets excited at times, but can’t wait to find someone to snuggle with on the couch.  Blue would love to be the only pet, but he promises that he will be the only pet you’ll ever need.  He is loyal, loving, and waiting for you. If Blue has stolen your heart the way he has stolen ours, please submit an application to learn more. If you’d like to request more information, please contact VOCAL by [CLICK HERE] or call 352-289-0800.

VOCAL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has broken this mission down into 12 key steps to make Marion County a no-kill county. Some of these steps build upon one another, some can be worked in parallel, but all require contributions from people like you. Please consider a monetary donation, donation of needed items or becoming a volunteer.

Wet Nose Wednesday Is Proudly Supported By:

VOCAL-Voices Of Change Animal League of Marion County

Alachua County Animal Services

The Humane Society of Alachua County

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