Shakira Is Studying Philosophy While in Coronavirus Quarantine

She's taking the class to 'make the confinement productive'

March 30, 2020

Shakira is one of the over 47 million people in Spain actively under quarantine orders due to the coronavirus pandemic in the European country, and she’s making the best of the situation by using the time to expand her horizons.

Her partner, Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué, posted a video on Instagram of Shakira taking an ancient philosophy class online, which the Colombian pop star said was “to make the confinement productive.”

Shakira re-posted the video and joked that she’s taking the University of Pennsylvania course because she has “to be able to think about other things rather than Paw Patrol,” a nod to her two young sons, Milan and Sasha.

The musician has been very vocal about her support of the World Health Organization’s recommendations that people self-isolate as much as possible to limit the spread of COVID-19. In a video posted on Instagram earlier this month, she spoke frankly about her views on the subject.

“From my experience in the last few weeks living here in Europe, we have realized that the virus is too fast and our leaders are way too slow,” she said. Shakira took the idea further, urging that “all countries should work together with the World Health Organization in a coordinated worldwide plan. Countries that for now have few cases should learn from the mistakes we are now paying for in European countries where the actions were too late.”

Voicing her concern for “countries that are underprepared for providing adequate medical care like in Latin America and Africa,” Shakira asked her followers to ask their leader to “implement fifteen days of extreme social distancing” and ended the video by telling her fans to “stay home for fifteen days for the sake of the poor, the sick, the elderly, and vulnerable people everywhere.”

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